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            Bohyun founded in 1991, the association of road transport, commissioned sandy department ten city place for production equipment, automobile maintenance yingkou city hong industry association governing units. Our company is one specialized is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of axle and wheel hardware maintenance specialist company. In today's world, to establish a standard positioning of truck, is the leader in this field

            Bohyun  the company wheel positioning system in the production of heavy vehicles in the world, Volvo second pit, number of jinlong bus service platform, Michelin, yokohama tire shop, trailer factory, it is widely used in automobile repair station.

            Almost all of the positioning in Asia, the use of the company's equipment far now, these devices are more fingers 20 countries and regions in the world from Asia bo far the company's aim is to serve the market after the car is nearly 500 and shay positioning bo companies, and everyone is growing, and the key role of worldwide

            Equipment correct positioning wheel vehicles, leading to a huge increase in traffic safety, reduce wear of tires to reduce the fuel consumption. This is how to boost the economy and transportation, to reduce pollution on Wednesday, the resource conservation and environmental protection made outstanding contribution to social undertakings on Wednesday. Yingkou bo far products really brought the Gospel to the people.

            Bohyun the company in our country have their sales representatives, and Beijing, Harbin, changchun, shenyang, shandong, shanxi, Inner Mongolia, most cities have a training center. Bo far the company in each device pin all the experts on the staff training.

            Two decades, bo far fragments, runaway growth attracts the zip. It is these subtle heavy experience, achieve rapid occupation, bo far brand trend. Bo far the company says, high quality, high credibility, high standards of service, develop test innovative elite in automobile product development quality, moderate price and perfect after-sales service, to win the masses of users and trust approved... Bo far electronic technology (yingkou) co., LTD. Welcome to the personage inside course of study, and contact us

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