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      Four-wheel the common difficult problem to solve (18 cases)
      Source: | Author:sinoby | Published time: 2016-06-01 | 1554 Views | Share:

      1 do compensation, four-wheel positioning, do not have what difference?

      Answer: the biggest difference is that the measurement accuracy and inaccurate. Besides LUB, Bmw and Porsch, all car companies ask for compensation, to ensure that the four-wheel positioning accurate measurement. LUB, Bmw and Porsch requires the use of special pillow, from the four small holes in the rims can directly connected to axle, therefore, not only make compensation. If you have a four-wheel positioning machine, measurable four-wheel positioning twice, once do not compensation, a compensation. If two measurements is the same, without any compensation.

      2, how camber Angle adjustment will become bad back, what is the reason?

      Answer: if you use long slot or large size of the bolt hole to sliding bracket to change the camber Angle, must use the CAM bolt or eccentric shaft bolt with a fixed bracket position, otherwise after months driving, touch, stents will slide in the long slot or hole, and thus change the camber Angle.

      3, the outer tyre wear into serrated what reason?

      Answer: single wheel rim is the likely cause of the tyre wear: 1, the rear wheels promote the line is bad. 2, camber Angle, and imbalance.

      4, driving, the steering wheel vibration is related with the four-wheel positioning, how to check?

      A: low speed driving wheel vibration, the front wheel hub bad caused the may be. At high speed (80 km/hr), the steering wheel will not swing. Tire imbalance, egg-shaped wheels or rims, spring daihatsu, axle bearing wear and so on produces the steering wheel vibration (jitter) and block tyre wear.

      5, can offer all kinds of judgment in the "ground tire" the cause of the figure?

      A: bad has the following situation and causes of tire wear: center wear: charging too much. Wear on both sides: under-inflated. Unilateral (inside or outside) of single wheel wear: camber Angle is too big or too small.

      Two front wheel at the same time inside or the outside wear: toe Angle is too small or too large. Plume wear: bad toe Angle. Block wear: tire vibration caused (jitter).

      6, in the process of four-wheel positioning adjustment, sometimes encountered difficult to tune all the parameters to the acceptable range, may adjust a, another will go "gone with the wind"?

      Answer: because of all sorts of four-wheel positioning Angle are interrelated, especially after the high dip Angle of the vehicle. Such as: front wheel toe Angle change, the camber Angle will follow the change. If you use a good positioning machine, its software provide some Angle adjustment function, in accordance with the instructions, after the first Angle to adjust camber Angle, the toe Angle adjustment. This will easily tune all the parameters to the acceptable range.

      7, why four-wheel positioning done, no one lap?

      Answer: the greatest possibility: one is the four-wheel positioning machine is allowed to or measurement operation is not standard. 2 it is the car chassis, important parts such as the ball neck and pull rod wear big talk.

      8, in the process of measuring, how can you most likely to eliminate external interference, subjective and objective factors, guarantee the accuracy of the data?

      A: if you want to measure the four-wheel positioning accurate must have the following requirements:

      The accuracy of four-wheel positioning machine must be up to + / - 0.06 degrees, is not to do annual calibration.

      (2) learning machine must keep around and around.

      (3) corner plate shall be free of the rotation, around before and after the sliding and sliding.

      (4) after the skateboard must be free sliding around and have a plus or minus 5 degrees of rotation.

      (5) must do rims compensation.

      6. Measuring the toe-in and camber Angle must keep the nose level correctly.

      7 after measuring the Angle, the turn Angle (such as 20 degrees) must implement the determine, on the hand brake must pull to prevent body sliding backwards.

      9, when measuring, often some parameters according to the machine instructions to move, can not transfer the has not been transferred to meet the requirements, then how to do?

      A: first of all, adjust the Angle of four-wheel positioning is the cure table chassis maintenance method. If you want to cure, must replace the chassis parts. In this situation, consider to change a, two other adjustable pieces, to increase the adjustable range, three consider adjusting Angle to reduce wheel Angle difference, on the other side to avoid the partial line of driving.

      10, when doing four-wheel positioning, it is before or after the tyres?

      A: in theory, can be. But actually said, it is better to change a tire before you do. So when the tyres to clear the dirt on the shaft, by the way.

      11, Honda ACCORD the left wheel base run left than the right 1.5 cm long, what is the reason?

      A: Honda Accord wheelbase should be 266.8 cm. Chassis wheelbase difference 1.5 cm, should not a big problem. But if the left wheelbase than 1.5 cm long, on the right, is likely to be on the left after the dip Angle is bigger than right rear Angle. So, the car will run to the right rather than the left.

      12, Toyota estima rear tyres do?

      A: this car is after flooding, original design can't adjust, the United States is no adjustment piece.

      13, why Mercedes Benz 140 series rear wheel toe-in is correct, but the tires?

      A: in general may be machine accuracy Mercedes Benz car standard enough.

      14, why Toyota camry, Honda ACCORD refueling run left, pine oil runs right?

      A: any car can happen during the refueling and pine oil running deviation, this phenomenon is called torque running deviation (Towigue Steer).

      15, mitsubishi jeep V324 cylinder direction often run right, what is the reason?

      A: if the right rear Angle is adjustable, can be increased, with fixed running right phenomenon.

      Before 16, santana 2000 adjusted the direction of the beam can't be positive, why?

      Answer: need to use to promote line positioning, the front wheel hub, the method to adjust because of santana 2000 rear wheel is adjustable, generally only hang measuring head in front, and not to measure the rear toe. But if the bad rear wheel toe-in can produce advance Angle. The advance Angle in the car when the car to turn in the opposite direction. In order to make the car line, while driving should be the steering wheel Angle, make the former rotary and rear the same direction.

      17, how to solve the domestic emperor eat isuzu wheel tire design issue? Use four-wheel positioning to solve? How to do?

      Eat a: generally speaking, the front wheel tire reason is not only the orientation Angle caused by the poor, if eat the front wheel tire isuzu is due to poor front wheel toe-in, four-wheel positioning can solve. If the problem is caused by the camber Angle, and the wheel camber Angle can be adjusted, the four-wheel positioning can also solve the problem of eating tire.

      18, now the new domestic cheetah jeep also found that eating tire problems, with what method to solve?

      Answer: the new car does not guarantee its wheel positioning standards, due to some domestic car factory did not make the four-wheel positioning detection. As a result, the factory there is no guarantee that new car four-wheel positioning standards. General new cars use more than half years shall check and fine-tuning four-wheel positioning Angle.

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