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      Car four-wheel location five pitfalls
      Source: | Author:sinoby | Published time: 2016-06-01 | 1283 Views | Share:

      Speaking of "four-wheel positioning", for the most part of car users will say: "I have heard that my car is done". When you ask him: "what is a four-wheel positioning?", "why do four-wheel positioning?", "four-wheel positioning how to do?", "do be qualified four-wheel positioning", this a series of issues related to users' vital interests, users and even some employees might say not clear. At present, the domestic for car four-wheel location or have a lot of misunderstanding.

      Four-wheel positioning error a think do is adjust the front wheel toe-in

      "Four-wheel positioning", just as its name implies is to need to positioning of vehicle four wheel has to consider. Toe Angle is a concept, technically called feed the toe Angle. And in the past, in the maintenance workshop there is no technical data and wheel alignment equipment maintenance of the master, can only rely on experience with metric scale to measure the two front wheel diameter of front-end and back-end difference, over time, many people will as the length of the concept of "toe" habit.

      In fact, the front wheel not only toe Angle, and the wheel camber Angle, kingpin caster Angle, kingpin inclination Angle; The rear wheels are toe Angle and wheel camber Angle and main orientation Angle of advance Angle. A four-wheel positioning, rear wheel orientation Angle is more important, the idea that the front wheel hub "the four-wheel positioning" do is adjust is one-sided, even is wrong.

      Myth 2 which charge low four-wheel location where they do

      Since entering the new century, with the surge in domestic car ownership, the production of domestic and international numerous four-wheel companies continue to occupy the market, various forms of production, quality locator have mushroomed into the market, this unprecedented market competition, greatly compress the production enterprises and the reseller's profit space. No intellectual property rights and no technical content locator production companies continue to hold down prices. Locator is relatively popular, and contributed to the maintenance of competition between companies, many maintenance companies to lower prices for the user.

      Low charge behind not because maintenance enterprise productivity, more because of the technological content of equipment and the measuring accuracy is not high, some enterprises in order to survive, the maintenance was in a position can only be short in weight, vehicle positioning problem of natural not fundamentally solved.

      Myth 3 workers, lack of necessary knowledge

      The four-wheel positioning maintenance enterprise practitioners can rarely be trained professional knowledge and can most stay dry and self-study.

      Myth 4 maintenance personnel omit key operations, cheat consumer

      The majority of users know very little knowledge of four-wheel positioning, is difficult to problem for car wheel positioning, more difficult to put forward their own opinions. Some maintenance personnel when doing four-wheel positioning to reduce the workload and the key to avoid positioning operation steps, make positioning detection results and actual. In addition, there is no sense of responsibility of repair personnel, do not make before making a positioning positioning check, before even the half shaft rubber cover, hem arm hinged slab crack were found in time or not inform the user that lead to the user a greater loss in the future, repeat positioning and double charges.

      Myth 5 think with what kind of four-wheel are the same

      Four-wheel positioning of qualified or not mainly depends on the actor bad of character of maintenance personnel skills and locator. Domestic is four-wheels fixed position instrument category is complete, from the lower part of the 20000 ~ 50000 yuan, in the end of 50000 ~ 100000 yuan, the top ten yuan. Low-end products price is cheap, but the user response more problems: low technology content, accuracy and high failure rate. In the end product for some relatively large market share, can basic satisfy the needs of general users. High-end products are with high and new technology of imported products, have a plenty of world famous brand, technology is the world's first-class, its positioning software and hardware is fully functional, more humane, more productive, more problems for enterprises and users, it can not only complete the outstanding wheel positioning work, also can explain the chassis fault diagnosis. With better economic benefits and social benefits.

      Because of four-wheel positioning vehicles use process is a very common maintenance project, if consumers and maintenance personnel do not pay attention, will greatly affect the normal use of the vehicle. Misunderstanding that out of the erroneous zone, is the general consumers and employees should be caused take seriously.

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