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      Cart locator investment analysis
      Source: | Author:sinoby | Published time: 2016-06-01 | 1841 Views | Share:

      1, the market prospect:

      (1) in 2008, the China automobile industry rapid development, make our country become the world's first car producer and consumer. Data shows, to 2012, the domestic car ownership will break through 70 million. Commercial vehicles, trucks and other cart market also along with the continuously rapid development of domestic economy and constantly improve and there is growing demand for road construction, have broad prospects, unlimited business opportunities. And corresponding cart test maintenance ability of the scientific rationality, stability and accuracy, also need to solve and improve.

      (2) along with the domestic highway opened one after another in great quantities, luxury bus, and it's more and more high speed large, heavy duty truck, the construction of urban roads also make the bus ownership increased dramatically. So the stability of the vehicle's safety and high speed requirements more and more is also high. Rising fuel, tire prices push cart position also become the trend of The Times, in order to solve oil consumption is too large, tires and suspension parts is not normal wear and tear problems, save operating costs, and improve the stability of the vehicle and driving comfort.

      (3) the cart position in a foreign country has become so common that technology is mature, the current domestic cart location and repair and maintenance service is fairly small, and a growing number of users have realized the importance and necessity of cart position and start to focus on supporting the horse cart locator.

      (4) shenzhen xin car four-wheel technology research and development production for many years history, the production of the cart

      Principle of patent technology and operation of the instrument in the sophistication and accuracy far ahead in domestic counterparts, and the difference between the scale of production and quality check on strictly to ensure that products comfortably cart locator of the top three in the world. To adopt advanced technology for long distance bluetooth two-way CCD, can be carried out on the double front axle, multi-axis cart detection. Especially domestic unique to frame the axis is the positioning base of world advanced measurement idea, rather than with the commonly used car with four wheels to positioning method. High precision, good repeatability, and the operation is simple, can measure all of the possible orientation Angle, very suitable for heavy vehicle manufacturers in China and the corresponding maintenance and service station popularization.

      2, the investment benefit analysis:

      (1) customer base: car manufacturers and subordinate maintenance service, goods transportation company, bus company, the station service center, inter-city passenger transport companies, such as tour bus.

      (2) the applicable objects: buses, trailers, vans, buses, vans, etc.

      (3) the cart position benefits:

      Squared to reduce fuel consumption, save operating costs

      Squared reduce chassis suspension parts wear and tear, improve the driving safety and comfort

      1); Reduce tire not normal wear and increase the service life

      2); Prevent large vehicle body side when the brakes

      3); Improve the driving stability, reduce long-distance driving fatigue

      4); Improve customer service satisfaction

      5); Improve the work efficiency, increase income

      6); Create a competitive advantage

      (4) service station operation fee standards:

      Commercial vehicle is basically "bridge" to charge, depending on the type, shape, local business cost and how many factors such as self adjusting positioning detection project, combined with other maintenance project with integrated to develop a suitable for their own enterprises.

      Positioning detection + adjustment reference price: single bridge - 200 ~ 500 yuan

      Build x 2 - (200 ~ 500) yuan

      N bridge * N - (200 ~ 500) yuan

      (5) to calculate accounts: driver positioning adjustment worth money do? A bargain? That kind of situation have to do?

      Key: the first is how to persuade commercial vehicle drivers do regularly to the detection and adjustment of positioning, how to analyze the positioning adjustment for them and the necessity of saving vehicles use cost calculator, improve the commercial vehicle drivers to spend big money province qianbao's good safety awareness, such as meet these conditions must be to do the positioning adjustment of the following:

      1, change new tires or repair after collision accident,

      2, before and after unilateral eccentric wear and other abnormal tyre wear;

      3, when driving the steering wheel is overweight, or floating trembling;

      4, straight when the car running deviation to the left or right;

      5, chassis suspension parts non-normal damage, abnormal consumption;

      6, even without the above conditions, but for maintenance purposes, Suggestions on new car driving after 3 months, after at least six months or ten thousand km, do a positioning adjustment.

      7, do a cart position detection and adjustment, depending on the model, the number of shaft, the vehicle condition, the scale of different, how much testing project, and so on and so forth and charges ranging from several hundred to several thousand, in terms of major truck bridge load more commonly, average and low 1000 yuan positioning detection and adjustment measure, also is only equivalent to an ordinary cart the price of the tire, and done positioning after running a long down, not only to guarantee the safety, comfort, the tire for this item, can see at least less scrap are few tires, or at the very least, the service life of tires to usual to extend a few times, it's a way to save big thousands of dollars! Especially during the southwest drought, sharp reduction of rubber, tire universal rise in prices, more to avoid and reduce the driver later spend less money, so repair shop always warn the driver friends must recognize that spend big money province qianbao security is imperative.

      (6) transportation enterprise cart four-wheel why your investment? For example:

      Suggest head of large transportation companies, the company to find a tire eat cart, with rich far series cart do four-wheel positioning device, after positioning, if not replace the tires, practice has proved that about 20% of the car soon after in the old place to eat. Finish positioning, and then put on new tyres, there will be no more problem. Told clients, with our great car locator after positioning (one receives 1000 yuan at least), and changing the new tyres, completely solve the problem (tire sales and can bring benefit), in effect must be very good, after a month or so you can clearly do positioning of a series of benefits greatly, with professional cart locator do detection can make money, also can solve the practical problem of the vehicle, help save operating cost drivers. Then the head of the transportation company should calculate a calculate, receives 1000 yuan, a car ten cars is 10000 yuan, the benefits of not selling tires and other parts to replace, position detection and adjustment this year alone will give other four-wheel positioning front but in vain to make at least ten, or even hundreds of thousands of, rather than let others to earn the money, rather than spend money to buy a rich far cart locator to earn the money, not only opened up the enterprise new profit growth point, also improve customer satisfaction, more can promote and improve enterprise's image in the industry.

      (7) automobile enterprise when deciding to purchase equipment, the most concerned about is when can recover its investment cost, equipment will soon be eliminated. We to xin wei cart locator XCW - 5088, for example, provide the following solutions:

      A, according to the repair shop 200 prospective customers (conservative estimate) : 50 development prospective customers for the member (each customer calculated on A cart), to provide the VIP service, pay 2000 yuan A year, depending on the model what size, number of bridge), can be free to do many times throughout the year positioning detection, tire balance service (including detection and adjustment, including replacement parts fee)

      Cost is: 2000 x = 50 100000 yuan

      B, the other 150 prospective customers (calculated on a cart) each client receives 150 yuan every time do the four-wheel positioning detection minimum (more bridge car raised appropriately), average do two times a year.

      Test cost is: 150 x 2 x 150 = 150 yuan

      Every time adjust the vehicles average according to the minimum 200 yuan fee (including replacement parts costs)

      Adjustment cost is: 200 x 2 x 150 = 60000 yuan

      C, repair shop to buy xin wei cart locator XCW - 5088 cost is 68000 yuan, the benefits are:

      100000 + 45000 + 100000-68000 = 45000

      D, through the above analysis, we put the prospective customer vehicles both quantity and charge standard with the lowest to calculate, the garage can recycle device equipment cost, within a year and earn profits. Another use cart locator to the repair shop to provide business opportunities such as can attract more new customers, to promote the class of the enterprise and can improve the charge standard accordingly. Especially through positioning attached of test of the replacement of spare parts, such as tire sales profits is also a considerable income, there are a lot of liquidity of the individual will increasingly come to location detecting, and there will be some development gradually into a fixed customers, these we just have not included in the revenue.

      E, through our end users on the use of our cart locator of on-the-spot investigation, the above scheme is not only feasible, but the user because seized the opportunity, and fill the blank of the local market and business are booming, and the local tour bus company and the bus stop long-term contracts signed in paid position detection.

      F, the equipment will be eliminated soon? Car - xin wei cart series device adopts the world's most advanced detection technology, and foreign top cart device's working principle, testing method and the precision is similar, in domestic is alone is the only (only eight wheel clamp four sensors can measure almost all series of heavy-duty trucks, buses, etc.), compared to foreign, xin car prices have advantages, compared to domestic, wei xin car technology has advantage. Along with the xin car company sold products constantly upgrading, quality tracking close service, eliminated the fate will fall in individual technology behind someone else's head.

      Shopping malls, business opportunity is, who should seize the opportunity, who is for the first bucket of gold, occupying the market commanding heights;

      Business opportunities, and always only for those who have the preparation, sharp mind.

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